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Fluida is a modern, crystal clear and squeaky clean theme. It shines bright with a fluid and responsive layout and carries under its hood a light and powerful framework. All the theme's graphics are created using HTML5, CSS3 and icon fonts so it's extremely fast to load. It's also SEO ready, using microformats and Google readable Schema.org microdata. Fluida also provides over 100 customizer theme settings that enable you to take full control of your site. You can change everything starting with layout (content and up to 2 sidebars), site and sidebar widths, colors, (Google) fonts and font sizes for all the important elements of your blog, featured images, post information metas, post excerpts, comments and much more. Fluida also features social menus with over 100 social network icons available in 4 locations, 3 menus, 6 widget areas, 8 page templates, all post formats, is translation ready, RTL and compatible with older browsers. If you want to take things further via a child theme you'll find clean code, either hookable or pluggable functions with clear descriptions and over 25 action hooks ready for action. Fluida - because solid is so overrated! Now with full Gutenberg support. * DEMO: http://demos.cryoutcreations.eu/wp/fluida/ *

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For each locale a theme can have translation editors and contributors. If a locale has no editor yet then you should probably make a request.

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Hebrew 1 person #he_IL

Editors: 007me

Contributors: None

Italian 7 persons #it_IT

Editors: emanuelewpto

Contributors: Nekomukuro, pezcurrel, nobodyelse84, Luisa Ravelli, G. Allegretta, and DenWH

Polish 2 persons #pl_PL

Editors: Lukasz Inatlewski

Contributors: com2r

Arabic 2 persons #ar

Editors: None

Contributors: Nabeel and Mohammed Al Saadi

Czech 1 person #cs_CZ

Editors: None

Contributors: jvalter

German 3 persons #de_DE

Editors: None

Contributors: transl8or, ramen100, and Ravana

Greek 1 person #el

Editors: None

Contributors: lenasterg

Spanish (Spain) 6 persons #es_ES

Editors: None

Contributors: Luis Rull, leemon, Fernando Tellado, Nilo Velez, clebal, and Mónica G.Moya

French (Canada) 2 persons #fr_CA

Editors: None

Contributors: Maxime Jobin and mmkoumbit

Hungarian 1 person #hu_HU

Editors: None

Contributors: radipeter81

Romanian 1 person #ro_RO

Editors: None

Contributors: Dan Caragea

Russian 1 person #ru_RU

Editors: None

Contributors: ganzilla

Ukrainian 1 person #uk

Editors: None

Contributors: websaitua

Chinese (Taiwan) 1 person #zh_TW

Editors: None

Contributors: dianda1968

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