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The graph shows the recent activity of your contributors. It’s updated once per day.


For each locale a plugin can have translation editors and contributors. If a locale has no editor yet then you should probably make a request.

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Indonesian 2 persons #id_ID

Editors: None

Contributors: Kharis Sulistiyono and Domi2015

Romanian 1 person #ro_RO

Editors: None

Contributors: Dan Caragea

Russian 7 persons #ru_RU

Editors: None

Contributors: BArS, Slava Abakumov, Otshelnik-Fm, linuxmaster, an24kaznova, stanbogdanov, and Irina

English (New Zealand) 1 person #en_NZ

Editors: None

Contributors: webaware

Portuguese (Brazil) 1 person #pt_BR

Editors: None

Contributors: Diana K. Cury