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Productivity Tool Integrations and Modules * <a href="">Google Analytics:</a> Provides a powerful &amp; complete marketing analytics solution for businesses of all sizes using forms. * <a href="">Zapier:</a> The easiest and most popular automated workflow management system on the internet integrates with the fastest form builder. * <a href="">Google Sheets:</a> This integration for weForms will give you the ease of managing submitted information in the familiar Google Sheets environment. * <a href="">Trello:</a> Instantly create task cards from your form submissions by enabling this module. * <a href="">Calculation:</a> Enable your form to have calculation capabilities with your numeric fields * <a href="">PDF Form Submission:</a> Enable this module to get a better printable PDF version of all your collected submission forms. * <a href="">Quiz:</a> Create simple yet engaging quiz forms and keep your audiences hooked getting a lot of shares by enabling this module. * <a href="">Slack:</a> Notify your team instantly in Slack when someone submits an entry to your forms created with weForms enabling this free integration. * <a href="">SMS Notification:</a> Enable the module to get a notification through SMS every time a form submission occurs. * <a href="">File Upload:</a> Allow users to attach files of whatever type you specify to streamline application processes, add images and more.

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