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Your Typekit Kit ID may be incorrect because <a href="%1$s" target="_blank">%1$s</a> does not exist. Please verify that your Typekit Kit ID correct. If you have just published your kit, please try again in a few minutes.

Fuzzy translation: 你的Typekit内嵌代码可能有误,因 <a href="%1$s" target="_blank">%1$s</a>不存在。请确认你的Typekit内嵌代码是否正确。如果你刚刚生成你的套件(Kit),请几分钟后再试一次。

Waiting translation: 你的Typekit嵌入代码可能是错误的,因为<a href="%1$s" target="_blank">%1$s</a>不存在。请检查你的Typekit嵌入代码是否正确。如果你还没有发布(Publish)你的代码,请几分钟后再试。

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