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The graph shows the recent activity of your contributors. It’s updated once per day.


For each locale a plugin can have translation editors and contributors. If a locale has no editor yet then you should probably make a request.

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Bengali (Bangladesh) 2 persons #bn_BD

Editors: Rupok Chowdhury Protik and Ashok

Contributors: None

Afrikaans 1 person #af

Editors: erbrown777

Contributors: None

French (Canada) 4 persons #fr_CA

Editors: pcwriter

Contributors: cedricbethencourt, cedrictest, and Kim Thibert Bond

Polish 4 persons #pl_PL

Editors: hekatedesign and Adam Czajczyk

Contributors: Marcin Pietrzak and Kris Tomczyk

Greek 4 persons #el

Editors: Dimitris Kalliris and Nastia - WPMU DEV Support

Contributors: lenasterg and simplicity.gr

Spanish (Spain) 4 persons #es_ES

Editors: Jorge Díaz

Contributors: Luis Rull, Fernando Tellado, and Nilo Velez

Dutch 1 person #nl_NL

Editors: Julian

Contributors: None

Portuguese (Portugal) 2 persons #pt_PT

Editors: Luís Carlos Lopes

Contributors: Pedro Mendonça

Bulgarian 1 person #bg_BG

Editors: Tsvetan Tsvetanov

Contributors: None

Russian 2 persons #ru_RU

Editors: Nastia - WPMU DEV Support and kateitnow

Contributors: None

Turkish 2 persons #tr_TR

Editors: coderontheroad

Contributors: Adam - WPMU DEV Support

Catalan 2 persons #ca

Editors: viobru

Contributors: cubells

Ukrainian 1 person #uk

Editors: kateitnow

Contributors: None

Serbian 2 persons #sr_RS

Editors: Savo

Contributors: Milana Cap

Arabic 1 person #ar

Editors: majidh

Contributors: None

Spanish (Argentina) 2 persons #es_AR

Editors: erickfogtman

Contributors: angelmontesgd

Portuguese (Brazil) 2 persons #pt_BR

Editors: Patrick Freitas

Contributors: Isabella Souza

German 2 persons #de_DE

Editors: None

Contributors: noahsawallisch and svenkoehler

English (South Africa) 2 persons #en_ZA

Editors: None

Contributors: mahlamusa and Hugh Lashbrooke

Spanish (Mexico) 1 person #es_MX

Editors: None

Contributors: Pencho15

French (France) 1 person #fr_FR

Editors: None

Contributors: aminawp

Hindi 1 person #hi_IN

Editors: None

Contributors: technogeodev

Malayalam 1 person #ml_IN

Editors: None

Contributors: Nithin

Xhosa 1 person #xho

Editors: None

Contributors: mahlamusa

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