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The graph shows the recent activity of your contributors. It’s updated once per day.


For each locale a plugin can have translation editors and contributors. If a locale has no editor yet then you should probably make a request.

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German 6 persons #de_DE

Editors: YogieAnamCara and Franky

Contributors: Matthias Kittsteiner, mighty2003, TRILOS new media, and Ruxandra

Dutch 4 persons #nl_NL

Editors: Franky

Contributors: Marcel Pol, wbvds, and Peter Smits

Dutch (Belgium) 1 person #nl_BE

Editors: Franky

Contributors: None

Slovak 3 persons #sk_SK

Editors: Jozef Gaal

Contributors: xKatka and Karol Voros

Hungarian 1 person #hu_HU

Editors: JaMart

Contributors: None

Galician 2 persons #gl_ES

Editors: Kinhos Guieiro

Contributors: Victor J. Quesada

Swedish 3 persons #sv_SE

Editors: anwede

Contributors: Fredrik and tobifjellner (Tor-Bjorn Fjellner)

Czech 3 persons #cs_CZ

Editors: None

Contributors: j-prause, norbou, and adamwich

Greek 1 person #el

Editors: None

Contributors: charkon

Spanish (Spain) 7 persons #es_ES

Editors: None

Contributors: Fernando Tellado, mbrsolution, dgcebas, Nilo Velez, Javier Esteban, ea4dqx, and heraco

Spanish (Venezuela) 4 persons #es_VE

Editors: None

Contributors: Santos R. Guerra Faro, Yordan Soares, Paula.A.Arocha, and Javier Esteban

Italian 2 persons #it_IT

Editors: None

Contributors: Luisa Ravelli and Marco Stella

Korean 3 persons #ko_KR

Editors: None

Contributors: drssay, B. Cansmile Cha, and jukang27

Romanian 1 person #ro_RO

Editors: None

Contributors: Dan Caragea

Portuguese (Brazil) 1 person #pt_BR

Editors: None

Contributors: bsnk