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2.3 was our first public release and we heard lots of bugs and we decided to revamp the plugin. So we dropped the previous database structure and followed totally different path. So before you upgrade to 2.5 please take backup, finalize any transaction with any affiliator. Drop the old version, install the new. Now remove all affiliator, add them again. Think, it's a new journey for this plugin, for any up coming change we will keep the automatic migration but this current jump from 2.3 to 2.5 we didn't have such option for auto migration of data. If you mistakenly upgraded to 2.5 but you want the data of 2.3, then just delete the plugin and install the 2.3 again. On install of 2.5 we don't delete any database tables. We want to hear from you about any bug or new feature request.

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