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The graph shows the recent activity of your contributors. It’s updated once per day.


For each locale a plugin can have translation editors and contributors. If a locale has no editor yet then you should probably make a request.

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French (France) 2 persons #fr_FR

Editors: Li-An

Contributors: sudoer

Dutch 3 persons #nl_NL

Editors: wouterbruijning and louvanwijhe

Contributors: cappitechi

Spanish (Mexico) 2 persons #es_MX

Editors: N3k0

Contributors: Pencho15

Italian 6 persons #it_IT

Editors: Snake fan Solid and Eibe

Contributors: Andrea Isi, gianmariofresi, danielsandj, and Lucio

Finnish 1 person #fi

Editors: Annamari

Contributors: None

Hungarian 3 persons #hu_HU

Editors: zsebtyson

Contributors: kedane86 and klemy

Spanish (Spain) 9 persons #es_ES

Editors: PegasoChollima and oldguitar

Contributors: llavero, Oriol, javigaar, iorg19, igner, Javier Esteban, and jlvc60

Chinese (China) 1 person #zh_CN

Editors: 云落

Contributors: None

Norwegian (Bokmål) 3 persons #nb_NO

Editors: trollheimendesign, Dittom8, and haans

Contributors: None

German 3 persons #de_DE

Editors: Asgaros

Contributors: timse201 and Dominik Rauch

Russian 1 person #ru_RU

Editors: Yworld

Contributors: None

Portuguese (Portugal) 7 persons #pt_PT

Editors: sybolda and Filipe J S Brandão

Contributors: Pedro Mendonça, Hugo Ferreira, Rogério Moreira, Vitor Madeira, and Asgaros

Turkish 5 persons #tr_TR

Editors: Forensic Scientist

Contributors: Kaan, glonera, esenyalim, and ibomax

Ukrainian 7 persons #uk

Editors: nomatter13 and Yuriy Cherniyewskiy

Contributors: mrvigner, mrshyker, llieks, vladyslavus1, and rogala

Romanian 3 persons #ro_RO

Editors: constantin_18

Contributors: Dan Caragea and miroconsultant

Polish 5 persons #pl_PL

Editors: veronica92, pilinski, and mariuszerwin

Contributors: piotrgredowski and lyashk

Swedish 2 persons #sv_SE

Editors: arnes

Contributors: Fredrik

Portuguese (Brazil) 7 persons #pt_BR

Editors: cleudemirjunior and masuperadmin

Contributors: dricdolphin, freefirebr1732, transfeo, ronaldopinheiro, and Thiago Santos de Moraes

Danish 3 persons #da_DK

Editors: zohtar

Contributors: ihdumille and markcph

Persian 2 persons #fa_IR

Editors: rahmatmajidi

Contributors: moxenata

Indonesian 1 person #id_ID

Editors: Alfajrysno

Contributors: None

Slovenian 2 persons #sl_SI

Editors: iztok8klanecek

Contributors: janver1107

Catalan 3 persons #ca

Editors: judithpoblenou

Contributors: cubells and fotoclubpoblenou

Kyrgyz 1 person #kir

Editors: None

Contributors: Ravidin

Vietnamese 4 persons #vi

Editors: None

Contributors: antonionguyen, Sens4, hoangitt, and vinh98

Czech 11 persons #cs_CZ

Editors: None

Contributors: Michal Janata, j-prause, Tomas, lukuna, AceventuraCZ, filipmiska, majkis, pamul, toskalan, kabelka, and Alena

Greek 6 persons #el

Editors: None

Contributors: Evangelos Athanasiadis, lenasterg, karlanews, nemesisnet, athineos, and olgamm

Japanese 1 person #ja

Editors: None

Contributors: water_sky

Korean 4 persons #ko_KR

Editors: None

Contributors: B. Cansmile Cha, martian36, minusgum, and seokin

English (Canada) 1 person #en_CA

Editors: None

Contributors: Muhammad Yeasin

Macedonian 1 person #mk_MK

Editors: None

Contributors: perocolera