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Asgaros Forum is the best forum-plugin for WordPress! It comes with dozens of features in a beautiful design and stays simple and fast.

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The graph shows the recent activity of your contributors. It’s updated once per day.


For each locale a plugin can have translation editors and contributors. If a locale has no editor yet then you should probably make a request.

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Finnish 6 persons #fi

Editors: Annamari

Contributors: jussutin, -, MacRR, tainahuiskonen, and logistone

Hungarian 5 persons #hu_HU

Editors: zsebtyson

Contributors: Farkas Győző, 3franky, Laszlo Magyarfalvi, and blaci13

Chinese (China) 4 persons #zh_CN

Editors: 云落

Contributors: Robert Sim, flyingheart, and stargatedhd

Norwegian (Bokmål) 5 persons #nb_NO

Editors: trollheimendesign, Dittom8, and haans

Contributors: referee175 and bjsolvik

German 2 persons #de_DE

Editors: Asgaros

Contributors: ruewa

Russian 3 persons #ru_RU

Editors: Yworld

Contributors: Ironboy and Yui

Portuguese (Portugal) 3 persons #pt_PT

Editors: sybolda

Contributors: Filipe J S Brandão and Asgaros

Turkish 6 persons #tr_TR

Editors: Kenan Can TOK

Contributors: Turker YILDIRIM, polatonik, akifkutlu, cihaninanc, and exodos

Arabic 2 persons #ar

Editors: njnvjrnv

Contributors: sniper90

Ukrainian 3 persons #uk

Editors: nomatter13 and Yuriy Cherniyewskiy

Contributors: syngur

Romanian 3 persons #ro_RO

Editors: floridemucegai

Contributors: Adrian Pop and Dan Caragea

Polish 9 persons #pl_PL

Editors: veronica92, pilinski, and mariuszerwin

Contributors: LukaszWiecek, lyashk, pr0l4m3, mikeskil, romanski, and sollarino

Portuguese (Brazil) 9 persons #pt_BR

Editors: cleudemirjunior and masuperadmin

Contributors: mestregd, victorrms, infofabio, petersonflores, anzynho, Filipe J S Brandão, and jruiz

Danish 5 persons #da_DK

Editors: zohtar

Contributors: snakeeye64, timokofod, jelboen, and mbanovastore

Persian 6 persons #fa_IR

Editors: rahmatmajidi

Contributors: dailyoffs, zana1, A. Ch, moxenata, and meytol

Indonesian 1 person #id_ID

Editors: Alfajrysno

Contributors: None

Slovenian 2 persons #sl_SI

Editors: iztok8klanecek

Contributors: Marko Zabreznik

Czech 8 persons #cs_CZ

Editors: None

Contributors: Michal Janata, AceventuraCZ, Tomas, filipmiska, majkis, pamul, toskalan, and kabelka

Greek 4 persons #el

Editors: None

Contributors: lenasterg, dyrer, karlanews, and nemesisnet

Croatian 2 persons #hr

Editors: None

Contributors: vipteam and Jurica Zuanovic

Georgian 1 person #ka_GE

Editors: None

Contributors: maturelly

Thai 3 persons #th

Editors: None

Contributors: amopro, windowsdna, and jaideejung007

Chinese (Taiwan) 3 persons #zh_TW

Editors: None

Contributors: Alex Lion, kaiconan, and 云落

Spanish (Mexico) 4 persons #es_MX

Editors: None

Contributors: Jorge Luis Juarez, manhdz13, ferlopezdi, and N3k0

Bulgarian 4 persons #bg_BG

Editors: None

Contributors: Vladimir Vassilev, Stefan Ilivanov, tiamath, and depobebemag

Catalan 4 persons #ca

Editors: None

Contributors: cubells, Xavi Ivars, aletz23, and fotoclubpoblenou

Spanish (Argentina) 2 persons #es_AR

Editors: None

Contributors: Daniel Masino and emmax

Japanese 2 persons #ja

Editors: None

Contributors: miccweb and s tayama

Slovak 5 persons #sk_SK

Editors: None

Contributors: birkhof, xKatka, Bryan, lukasbuddy, and spl1tt3r

Albanian 1 person #sq

Editors: None

Contributors: Besnik

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