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An ACF extension that allows you to easily display frontend forms for your users so that they can edit content by themselves from the frontend. Plugin Page

  • Frontend Admin for ACF – Add and edit posts, pages, users and more all from the frontend


The graph shows the recent activity of your contributors. It’s updated once per day.


For each locale a plugin can have translation editors and contributors. If a locale has no editor yet then you should probably make a request.

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Russian 1 person #ru_RU

Editors: espirit

Contributors: None

Hebrew 2 persons #he_IL

Editors: Shabti Kaplan and dudikeleti

Contributors: None

Vietnamese 1 person #vi

Editors: Quang Mai

Contributors: None

Spanish (Colombia) 3 persons #es_CO

Editors: cuaran89

Contributors: Electra and Santiago Becerra

Persian 2 persons #fa_IR

Editors: soheilmir

Contributors: Mahdi Ebrahimi

Arabic 2 persons #ar

Editors: Mohammad Ali and Ahmad Al Hariri

Contributors: None

Slovenian 1 person #sl_SI

Editors: klementeran

Contributors: None

German 2 persons #de_DE

Editors: None

Contributors: Jens Ratzel and michaelpersch

English (South Africa) 2 persons #en_ZA

Editors: None

Contributors: Ian Barnes and Gavin Perch

Spanish (Spain) 4 persons #es_ES

Editors: None

Contributors: Santiago Becerra, Marcos Muñoz Iglesias, Javier Esteban, and Ángel Vilches

French (France) 6 persons #fr_FR

Editors: None

Contributors: Bruno Tritsch, Cyrille Sanson, Bruno Tritsch, wplmillet, pasglop, and FX Bénard

Italian 2 persons #it_IT

Editors: None

Contributors: Mario Barretta and Luisa Ravelli

Dutch 4 persons #nl_NL

Editors: None

Contributors: Pieterjan Deneys, nicole, Peter Smits, and elsteck

Swedish 2 persons #sv_SE

Editors: None

Contributors: tobifjellner (Tor-Bjorn Fjellner) and Fredrik