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Themes and Plugins of WordCamp.org.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 124
Remaining 1,192
Progress 49%

Strings used on the main WordPress.org site.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 307
Remaining 770
Progress 26%

Translations for Openverse, available at https://wordpress.org/openverse. Openverse is developed on GitHub at https://github.com/wordpress/openverse.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 40
Remaining 426
Progress 0%

Translations of the Pattern Directory (https://wordpress.org/patterns/, also available on Rosetta sites). The Pattern Directory is developed on GitHub

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Waiting/Fuzzy 0
Remaining 349
Progress 0%

The WordPress.org international forums.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 19
Remaining 197
Progress 64%

WordPress Plugin Directory.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 245
Remaining 417
Progress 43%

Learn WordPress is developed on GitHub. Please note the translated UI and language switcher is not available yet (more info)

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Waiting/Fuzzy 6
Remaining 90
Progress 83%

WordPress Theme Directory.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 11
Remaining 62
Progress 79%


Front-page editing and live-updating posts/comments for your site.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 4
Remaining 26
Progress 88%

Using an outdated browser makes your computer unsafe. Browse Happy is a way for you to find out what are the latest versions of the major browsers around. You can…

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Waiting/Fuzzy 1
Remaining 6
Progress 83%

Strings used in international WordPress.org sites (like es.wordpress.org). For more information, see: https://codex.wordpress.org/International_WordPress_Sites

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Waiting/Fuzzy 6
Remaining 8
Progress 96%

Text for the Get Involved flyer.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 15
Remaining 13
Progress 67%

Communication is oxygen. P2 "Breathe" is the first o2-enabled theme.

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Waiting/Fuzzy 6
Remaining 5
Progress 92%