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Show Eventbrite events easily with the Eventbrite WordPress plugin. Eventbrite widget integration without imports or complicated setup. Plugin Page

  • Show Eventbrite Events – Event Feed for Eventbrite
  • Faroese
  • Føroyskt
  • fo
  • Locale Glossary

Translations for the readme are published almost immediately. The initial language pack for the plugin will be generated when 90% of the Stable (latest release) sub-project strings have been translated (currently 0%).

Set / Sub Project Translated Fuzzy Untranslated Waiting
Stable (latest release) 0% 0 0 282 0
Stable Readme (latest release) 0% 0 0 102 0
Development (trunk) 0% 0 0 282 0
Development Readme (trunk) 0% 0 0 102 0

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